Afternoon Tea Menu available Friday-Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

Choice of Tea or House-made Italian Soda: $45 per person.
Choice of Tea & Tea Cocktail or Glass of Prosecco: $55 per person


Mint Sour Cream with Caviar + Green Tea Cones

Prosciutto Pear Wraps + Burrata

Cucumber Sandwiches

Holiday Chicken Salad Sandwiches


Baked Pumpkin Madeleines

Apple Poppyseed Biscuits + Gelato

 Cranberry Scones


Holiday Baby Cakes

Sucré Holiday Macarons

Sucré Holiday Chocolates



Earl Grey: lemony aroma, natural bergamot oil

Moriuchi Koucha, Japan: smooth, sweet and buttery flavors of walnuts & enoki mushrooms

English Breakfast, China: black, hints of toast and honey

Assam, Naharabi Estate, India: toasted cocoa aroma

Lapsing Soughing: rich, smooth, smoky sweet caramel


Crimson Chai: hints of coriander, allspice, clove & cardamom

Vanilla Mint Chai: rich vanilla bean & sweet saigon cinnamon with bright peppermint


Marigold Flowering Tea: high in anti-oxidants & low in caffeine

White Tea Rose Melange: calming peppermint & soft lavender

Organic Peach Blossom, Rishi: fruity blend of white peony with essence of succulent peaches


Jasmine Pearls, China: intensely floral with fresh jasmine blossoms

Houjicha, Japan: smooth malted accents of dark chocolate & roasted barley

Genmaicha, Japan: toasty aroma, soft nutty flavor, invokes comfort


Chamomile: soothing blend, calming notes of fig & honey

Mint: greek peppermint, aromatic & smooth, caffeine-free

Lemon Ginger: invokes honeysuckle & a little spice

Scarlet Glow: sweet & fruity blend of hibiscus & linden flowers


Wood Dragon, Taiwan: warm, roasted flavor, a classic Oolong

Paris: fruity black oolong with vanilla & caramel flavors and hint of Bergamot


Ancient Pu-erh: earthy, great with chocolate