Choice of Tea or House-made Italian Soda: $45 per person.
Choice of Tea & Tea Cocktail or Glass of Prosecco: $55 per person


Apple Ham and Cheddar Finger Sandwich

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Roasted Tomato + Goat Cheese Vol au Vent

Mini Crawfish Quiche

Bacon Jam Cream Cheese Cornet


Citrus Madeleine

Currant Scone

Chocolate Danish

Streusel Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Salted Caramel Baby Cake

Mini Dobash

Mini Sucré Signature Éclair

Lemon Raspberry Parfait

Sucré Macarons and Chocolates



Earl Grey: lemony aroma, natural bergamot oil

Moriuchi Koucha, Japan: smooth, sweet and buttery flavors of walnuts & enoki mushrooms

English Breakfast, China: black, hints of toast and honey

Assam, Naharabi Estate, India: toasted cocoa aroma

Lapsing Soughing: rich, smooth, smoky sweet caramel


Crimson Chai: hints of coriander, allspice, clove & cardamom

Vanilla Mint Chai: rich vanilla bean & sweet saigon cinnamon with bright peppermint


Marigold Flowering Tea: high in anti-oxidants & low in caffeine

White Tea Rose Melange: calming peppermint & soft lavender

Organic Peach Blossom, Rishi: fruity blend of white peony with essence of succulent peaches


Jasmine Pearls, China: intensely floral with fresh jasmine blossoms

Houjicha, Japan: smooth malted accents of dark chocolate & roasted barley

Genmaicha, Japan: toasty aroma, soft nutty flavor, invokes comfort


Chamomile: soothing blend, calming notes of fig & honey

Mint: greek peppermint, aromatic & smooth, caffeine-free

Lemon Ginger: invokes honeysuckle & a little spice

Scarlet Glow: sweet & fruity blend of hibiscus & linden flowers


Wood Dragon, Taiwan: warm, roasted flavor, a classic Oolong

Paris: fruity black oolong with vanilla & caramel flavors and hint of Bergamot


Ancient Pu-erh: earthy, great with chocolate